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Thank you for visiting the Herbert Mine Stalker website. I guess, because you’ve found us, that you’ve already bought the book so thank you for that too. If not, then what are you waiting for? Use one of the links at the bottom of the page to buy the book in whatever format you prefer and get reading!

This site will tell you a lot more about the book and how it came about. There’s a page about the authors – Zoe and Peter Rogers, there’s a page about how the book was written, there’s a page on how the characters were brought to life by our amazing illustrator, Ian Ellery, and there’s a bit about our daring publisher who’s taken a huge chance in publishing it (we love you Ed!).

There’s also a contact page if you want to get in touch with us or if you have any comments. We’d love to hear from you and will get back to you just as soon as we can.

Enjoy the site!

Zoe and Peter Rogers